The Board has created a profile for its composition, taking into account the purpose of the Foundation and the desired expertise and background of the Board members and fair and proportional representation of rights holders on the Board. This profile can be found here.

Rob de Spa
Independent board chairperson Stichting OPR (remunerated)

Jelle Buizer
Customer Success Manager, FD Mediagroep (remunerated)
Treasurer, Stichting OPR
Secretary SBBP, Het Financieele Dagblad

Inge Terpstra
Head of Legal, Mediahuis Nederland (remunerated)
Vice-chairperson, Stichting OPR
Board member, Stichting Reprorecht (vacatiegeld)
Member section PRO-mandaat, Stichting PRO

Marjolein van der Linden
COO, RTL Nederland (remunerated)
Board member, Stichting OPR
Board member, NLZIET
Chairperson, Stichting Collectieve Gelden Omroepen
Vice-chairperson, NDP Nieuwsmedia
Commission member, Vereniging Commerciële Omroepen

Bart Verkade
Zakelijk directeur, DPG Media (remunerated)
Board member, Stichting OPR
Director, ArtikelPro bv


Pim Stouten
Owner, J Gate advies & interim (remunerated)
Director, Stichting OPR (remunerated)
MD, (remunerated)
Advisory board member, Brightlands Institute for Smart Society